Download the PyML library file and copy it to your local development folder or elsewhere on your Python path. If you use the recommended Anaconda Python distribution it will come with all of the required packages below except for Graphviz and Pdflatex. These are required:

  • Python version 3.8 and higher.

  • Graphviz is required to generate diagrams. After installing Anaconda, use its Powershell Command Prompt and type conda install -c conda-forge python-graphviz. With other Python environments it can be installed with pip install graphviz. Also see graphviz download or graphviz on PyPI for additional instructions for different platforms.

  • The numpy package is used for model analysis and plotting features.

  • The matplotlib package is required to use the graphical functionality of PyML.

  • Pdflatex is required to compile latex files and generate pdfs. It can be installed for Python or comes with standard latex distributions.

Note that diagrams can still be produced without graphviz installed locally by providing the generated dot markup text to online tools. Without pdflatex, the latex markup can be copied to other publishing tools such as Overleaf for refinement and/or pdf generation.